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A flute choir is a group of flutists playing together, much like a vocal choir, except we all play flutes!  We also use piccolos, as well as alto and bass flutes, lower pitched instruments which few flutists get a chance to use.  If you have your own piccolo, you are encouraged to bring it, as well as your flute, a folding music stand, and a pencil. 

Flute choir is a very different experience from playing in a band.  As many of the pieces we work on have as many as ten different parts, you may be the only person playing your particular part.  This helps develop strong reading skills and independent musicianship.  Flute choir music also uses lower notes than most band music, often going to low C or even B.  It may also have more sharps than band music.  Because we are a smaller group, it is a good way to learn ensemble playing and intonation since it is easier to hear yourself and how your part fits into the group.

At Flute Specialists in Clawson we have two different groups at different levels, rehearsing on alternate Saturdays. If you are not sure which choir is right for you, just come to a rehearsal and try it out.  Most people can decide for themselves where they are most comfortable, but if you would like a personal recommendation, I am happy to help. Alto and bass flutes are available for your use and music is provided. Both groups are FREE and you may join at any time. Special thanks to Flute Specialists, Inc for providing us with rehearsal space and the use of alto and bass flutes! There are no auditions or minimum  attendance requirements. We are a non-competitive group who simply enjoys playing. Please email for most up to date rehearsal schedule to

Intermediate Choir:  a good starting place for younger players or those with no previous experience in a flute choir.  Recommended for all players with three years or less of playing experience.  Also recommended for more experienced players who are uncomfortable playing in key signatures with sharps, or who have difficulty with counting. We will play easier music than the Advanced choir, as well as working on learning scales and counting and independent play. More advanced students are also encouraged to attend to help younger players.

Advanced Choir:  recommended for players who have been playing at least three to four years.  Most members of the Advanced Choir are high school or adult players.  Players should be comfortable playing in keys with up to five flats and five sharps, 6/8 time, cut time, sixteenth notes, dotted rhythms, and notes from low C (below the staff) to high G.  We will sometimes use simple contemporary techniques like harmonics, singing and playing, multiphonics, beat-boxing, etc. Advanced Choir performs throught the community.  If you are interested in having the Advanced Choir perform for your group or event, please contact me.

Combined Choir:  

During the summer and before performances, the Intermediate and Advanced Choirs will sometimes combine. During combined rehearsals, we will start with easier music and gradually become more difficult as rehearsal continues. Less advanced players are welcome to try out the harder music to the best of their abilities, to listen, or to leave early.

F l u t e   C h o i r

Flute Specialists Flute Choir

Flute Choir performing at Clawson Farmer's Market

Flute Specialists Student Recital

Flute student performance opportunities

Flute Choir performing at  the Ferndale Relay for Life

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